The demise of Earth was a long drawn out downward spiral. As technology advanced beyond ever imagined, the grounds were sucked dry of material, the land was left polluted, and war was inevitable as populations fought over the remains.

With such fast expanding technologies, humans reached out to the skies and solar systems unknown. They began building anew and seeding new life. They reforged their bodies and minds, escaping from sickness and death. Immortality was achieved through the digitization of the mind, forcing it into a new body at will. Humanity was drastically reconstructed and yet, problems prevailed.

Current Earth Year: 2461, 350 years after the fall of Earth

Currently taking place in The Galaxy of Comae Saggita

Useable 4th Edition Books

  • Basic Set
  • Space
  • Biotech
  • Ultratech
  • Transhuman Space
  • Martial Arts

Starting Characters

  • Point Buy: 200
  • Tech Level: 10
  • Starting Wealth: 50,000 Credits

Comae Saggita

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